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How it works

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Meet Anchor by Spotify

Anchor is Spotify's free podcasting tool, powering more new podcasts than any other platform in the world. It's the destination for all things podcasting: Easily create, distribute, and monetize your show through Anchor—all for free. Once your show is uploaded, it's available to enjoy on Spotify.


Can I share the same content I share on other platforms?

Yes! Upload the same file to Anchor and unlock new audiences on Spotify in just a few clicks.

What formats are accepted?

We are currently accepting .mov and .mp4 files and recommend 16x9 aspect ratio.

Can I stream live?

This is not a live offering. Check out Spotify Live for live audio streaming.

Why is Spotify adding video?

Spotify has always been a premier destination for content. Whether listening to a newly released album or finding a new podcast, the world comes to Spotify to discover. By adding video, we are ensuring that regardless of what someone is looking for, they can find it on Spotify.

Can I add video to my existing audio episodes in Anchor?

Yes, you can! Learn how here.

Do I need to use Anchor to publish video to Spotify?

Anchor is the only way to publish video content to Spotify. If you currently host your podcast elsewhere, learn how to easily switch your hosting for free to Anchor here

Can we monetize?

Yes—in addition to your own advertising partnerships, we offer several monetization options including Paid Podcast Subscriptions and Ads by Anchor

Who can currently create video podcasts?

Video Podcasts are available in over 180 markets through Anchor. Log in or create an account to see if you have access.

How can I help spread the word?

We would love your help letting the world know that video is now available on Spotify. Feel free to promote your Spotify show wherever you reach your fans.