December 16, 2021

As we near the end of 2021, there’s one more feature we’re excited for you to see—one that you (and your fans) have been asking for: podcast ratings on Spotify! With podcast ratings, you can invite fans to show their love for your podcast with a single tap, which can help you quickly gauge how your show is resonating and send a signal to listeners who haven’t yet tuned in.

Another way to catch a listener’s eye and find new fans

Your podcast rating is another way to potentially attract new listeners. The higher the rating, the more likely they are to give your show a chance. But podcast ratings also make it easy for you to get a quick pulse check and see how much your show is clicking with listeners, and use the numerical snapshot to potentially make changes. In other words, it’s helpful for everyone: you, your existing listeners, and your prospective listeners.

Invite your fans to add their rating with one tap

Listeners will appreciate having the option to show their love for a podcast they’re enjoying, and now they can do just that—quickly and easily. From any show page in the Spotify app (iOS and Android), they can simply tap to rate a show on a scale from one to five stars, as long as they’ve listened to at least 30 seconds of an episode. 

Spread the word with your listeners! 

You can finally give your listeners encouragement to leave a rating—not just via your social media channels but directly in your show’s audio: intro, outro, or anywhere in between! Here are just a few ideas that can be tailored to incorporate your show’s voice and tone:

  • “Thank you so much for listening to [show name]. Make sure to rate us everywhere you listen to podcasts, including Spotify.”
  • “Thank you for listening to our show. If you like what you’re hearing, make sure to rate our show on Spotify.”
  • “Do you like this show? Let us know by leaving us a rating on our Spotify show page.”

As podcast ratings roll out globally over the next few days, listeners will be able to add their rating right from the show page on Spotify—by either tapping on the rating directly or the three-dot menu below the podcast cover art. Creators will be able to check their rating at any time from their Spotify show page, once it’s received 10 ratings. And that’s it! There’s nothing more to do, other than to keep the five-star content coming.

*At launch, podcast ratings will not be available in Russia and Turkey.