June 29, 2022

We don’t just want your podcast to live on Anchor—we want it to thrive here, too. That’s why we’re excited to announce four new Spotify-led initiatives that can help your show get discovered and grow in unique ways: RADAR Podcasters, the creator version of Spotify’s program that shines a light on emerging voices worldwide; access to Spotify’s editorial team and curatorial process with the Editorial Submission Form; Spotify’s new Search Guidelines, offering insights on how fans can more easily discover your show; and our own Creator Discord community to connect with other like-minded creators and even find your next podcast guest.

RADAR Podcasters: highlighting emerging creators around the world 

RADAR Podcasters UI snapshot in the Spotify app
RADAR Podcasters represents a brand-new way for up-and-coming creators to grow their show

Through RADAR, Spotify is deepening its commitment to emerging creators and strengthening their connection to audiences. With this global launch, we’re highlighting over 30 creators in select markets around the world, including the U.S. and other countries where podcasting continues to expand—such as Brazil, Argentina, India, and the Philippines.

Every quarter, Spotify’s podcast editorial team will select three up-and-coming creators in each participating market to shine a light on, specifically focusing on creators with shows that:

  • Exhibit authenticity and inclusivity
  • Hook us and give us a reason to keep listening
  • Both educate and entertain 

Participants will be able to leverage Spotify’s best-in-class editorial and promotional opportunities. Global RADAR playlists will feature three episodes from each RADAR creator, and Spotify is committed to growing RADAR shows through marketing campaigns that provide fans with the opportunity to get to know their new favorite podcasters. 

View the RADAR Podcasters hub

Nominate your podcast for editorial consideration with the Editorial Submission Form

We’re now open to submissions from all U.S. creators in an effort to get your show more exposure on Spotify—and to democratize access to our editorial team and curatorial process. An editorial feature could land you a coveted spot across one of our community destinations or in the New Releases section, which is how a lot of listeners find their new favorite shows. 

Take “Sounds Like A Cult,” for example: When the show was discovered by Spotify’s editorial team and featured on the main podcast page, it was able to reach new listeners and their growth skyrocketed. After being featured, their show soon made its way onto Spotify’s Top 50 charts and even ranked in the Top 10 in the Comedy category.

Purple background with Spotify mobile UI featuring the RADAR Podcasts section under the Podcasts tab
Landing a featured spot on the Podcasts page can make a big impact

Submit your show for consideration

Help your show get discovered with Spotify’s new Search Guidelines

We know it may not always be easy to understand how search on Spotify works, so we’re sharing insights to help you optimize your show for Spotify’s search results—which can improve its overall discoverability. 

Some of the most important factors include: How well your show title, episode title, and episode description match the listener’s search term(s), and whether or not your show drives engagement from search in the form of plays, downloads, saving, or sharing. But you can now learn for yourself how episode titles, descriptions, and show names can all have an impact on search results within Spotify.

View Spotify's podcast search guidelines

Connect and learn from other creators’ journeys by joining the Discord Podcast Community

We also recently launched the Creator Space hub, which is the go-to space for creators to find podcasting inspiration, education, and more, located conveniently on Spotify. But we know that many creators want to learn from peers on a more casual, ongoing basis—and that’s why we’ve launched our own Discord Podcast Community. Here are some of the creator-specific channels you can join to get feedback on your show and even find your next podcast guest:

  • Feedback and Advice: Your place to ask for constructive podcast feedback from other creators and staff 
  • Editorial Submissions: Share your show to the Podcast Editorial team using our curated channels 
  • Tech: Conversations about the best software and hardware for your podcast 
  • Creator Spotlight: Celebrating special community picks from Spotify and Anchor 
  • Collaboration: Finding people to work with: co-hosts, editors, and more

Join the Creator Discord


As always, in tandem with launching new products that help you grow your show, we continue to explore additional ways for all creators to have the same access and opportunities to expand. We hope this latest set of initiatives helps you reach new listeners—and milestones.