February 12, 2020

Today we’re rolling out a fresh design to all Anchor profile pages to help your show look as great as it sounds. The new layout includes a colorful background that is automatically generated to complement your podcast cover art.

If you have your own style in mind, you can customize your profile header with any color you like. Simply go to your profile settings on web and enter your preferred color hex code.

To make sure your audience stays connected to everything going on with your show, you can display links to your preferred social accounts along with your personal website or online store, making your profile the go-to landing page for all your listeners.

The updated design also features a prioritized spot for your podcast trailer, helping you hook potential listeners who land on your profile.

To customize the new design and bring your podcast vision to life, head on over to your settings. Your Anchor profile is a streamlined home for your show, allowing you to showcase all of your podcast content with a single link. Make it your own and share it for everyone to see and hear!

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Looking for help? Visit help.anchor.fm.