August 24, 2021

One of the product launches we’ve been most excited about this year is undoubtedly Podcast Subscriptions. It represents a game-changer for creators, who can offer paid content on their terms—and for listeners, who can support their favorite podcasters while accessing bonus content and/or other exclusive perks. We initially introduced Podcast Subscriptions in April with a waitlist, so creators could begin trying it out, but today, Podcast Subscriptions is open to all creators in the U.S.!

Get started

Stay in touch—directly

The expansion of Podcast Subscriptions comes with a range of updates, upgrades, and new features. First and foremost, creators have the ability to email fans directly—by viewing a list of subscribers who’ve opted into hearing from them. Whether it’s exclusive news, expressions of gratitude, extra content, or updates, this is a great way for creators to further nurture their listener community, feel more connected with fans, and vice versa. 

Pricing flexibility

Creator-friendly terms means flexibility when it comes to choosing your subscription price. That’s why we’ve expanded the range of different monthly tiers available—20 of them, to be exact. This way, you can really put thought into the value of your subscriber-only content as you see it, and customize your offering for listeners.

Smoother creation (and discovery) experience

Since introducing Podcast Subscriptions a few months ago, we’ve listened to everyone’s feedback and made the experience better for creators and listeners. Let’s just say it’s smoother sailing from the start, including a more streamlined setup experience for creators and a more actionable subscription flow for listeners on both iOS and Android.

We’ve already seen creators set up their own subscription offering for success—including bonus episodes from “The Consistency Project”; longer episodes and ad-free playback from “Deep Sleep Sounds”; early releases from “Nashville Podcast”; and more!

If you’re a creator in the U.S. and you haven’t tried Podcast Subscriptions yet, now’s the time. And for creators outside the U.S., believe us when we say we haven’t forgotten about you. Be on the listen-out for another expansion very soon.