September 30, 2021

Ever wish you could engage with your listeners more? We hear you. That’s why we launched Q&A and Polls globally, bringing creators and listeners closer together, just in time for International Podcast Day. Q&A and Polls help creators field comments, anecdotes, and questions with the tap of a button. It’s never been easier to build authentic connections with fans—to invite them in and keep them involved. We’re beyond excited to see where you take the conversation with your listeners (and what you reveal about each other along the way!).

Try Q&A and Polls

Keep the conversation flowing with Q&A

Our new Q&A feature, available on both Anchor web and the mobile app, allows creators to ask their fans questions and add them to any episode. Listeners can drop their answers directly in the Spotify app, empowering them to join the conversation. Creators can then view replies and pin their favorites for everyone to enjoy. Q&A is an effortless way for creators and fans to build a lasting connection—and even help creators generate new content based on what their listeners are asking for. Take Q&A a step further by using the best answers for effortlessly engaging, colorful material in future episodes.

Tap into listener insights with Polls

Polls can help creators understand where their audience stands on certain topics, issues, tastes, or guests. (Or, they can satisfy that part of our brains that just wants to test the waters.) Similar to Q&A, they can be attached to any podcast episode on Spotify, but unlike Q&A, Polls enable you to provide up to seven responses—and control how long the polls are available. Of course, this feature wouldn’t be complete without allowing listeners to see realtime and final results, keeping them engaged from beginning to end.

Take your listenership above and beyond

Whether you’re asking your listeners’ opinions on the hottest summer song of 2021, sourcing stories about their most cringe-worthy high school moments, getting their ho(nes)t takes on your Podcast Subscriptions offering, or simply giving them a chance to weigh in on future content, Q&A and Polls can help elevate your experience as a creator and grow your listenership. Not to mention, it’ll make your listeners (and maybe you) forget you aren’t in the same room. If there’s one thing these new features do, they build a sense of camaraderie around each episode and remind us why we create in the first place. 

Now there’s nothing holding you back from starting conversations (and building deeper connections) with your listeners. Just keep in mind that while Q&A is available on both Anchor web and the mobile app, Polls is only available via Anchor web.

We can’t wait to be a fly on the wall for the chatter, laughter, and banter that’s sure to come. Want to see how easy it is to add Q&A and Polls to your episodes? Let us show you!

Try Q&A and Polls

Bonus! You might be wondering what to ask your listeners first. Here are some questions to kick off your first Q&A and Polls.

Q&A and Polls: Question inspiration


  • On average, would you say you listen to your favorite podcasts at home or on the go? [poll]
  • Where do you most often listen to podcasts? [Q&A]
  • Since the start of the pandemic, do you find that you’re listening to podcasts more, less, or about the same? [poll]
  • What’s your social media platform of choice? [poll]
  • How long is the ideal episode? [Q&A]
  • Besides my show, of course, what’s your go-to podcast? [Q&A]
  • What could I be doing better? [Q&A]
  • Are you a podcaster yourself? [poll]
  • What’s your favorite podcast genre? [Q&A]
  • Which type of podcast do you prefer: topical commentary, nonfiction narrative, scripted fiction, self-help, interview, or freeform/hybrid? [poll]
  • How did you first find out about my show? [Q&A]
  • What’s the ideal day of the week for a new episode to drop? [poll]
  • Have you ever recommended my podcast to a friend? [poll]
  • How would you describe my content to someone who’s never listened? [Q&A]
  • What are y’all up to while listening? Cooking breakfast? Lounging around? Going for a run? [Q&A]

Podcast Subscriptions

  • Would you pay a monthly fee for bonus content? [poll]
  • How much would you pay if your favorite podcast offered exclusive content, extra segments, and early releases to subscribers only? [Q&A]
  • Which type of bonus content would you most like to see? [poll]
  • How are you liking my Podcast Subscriptions content so far? [Q&A]
  • What would you expect from a Podcast Subscriptions offering? [Q&A]


  • What do you predict will happen in the next episode/season? [Q&A]
  • How would you grade this episode, honestly? [poll]
  • We dropped a subtle-but-noticeable Easter egg in this episode. What was it?! [Q&A]
  • If I could have any guest—who’s never been on the show!—in a future episode, who would you pick? [Q&A]
  • Who’s been your favorite guest so far this season? [Q&A]


  • You pick the winner! Who made the best argument on today’s show? [poll]
  • The 50th response joins us for a segment on our next episode! [Q&A]
  • Let’s turn the tables: What would you like to ask ME?! I’ll pin my five favorite questions and answer them in the next episode. [Q&A]
  • If you were to timestamp any moment from this episode and share it with a friend, what would it be? [Q&A]
  • Hit me with it: Is there anything I could be doing better? [Q&A]
  • What’s your biggest critique of my content? No holding back. [Q&A]
  • Okay, who would I collab with on your dream podcast crossover episode? [Q&A]

At launch, Q&A and Polls are only available in select markets and cannot be used with Music + Talk shows or Kids & Family podcasts. Learn more.