June 17, 2021

Update as of April 12, 2022: Greenroom is now Spotify Live! Learn more at: spotify.com/live

Podcasters talk, and fans listen. By and large, that’s always been the logical order of podcast operations, and it’s worked really well. However, we are always looking for new and unique ways to deepen the connection between those two parties and the content that unites them. Enter Spotify Greenroom: a live-audio experience that breaks down the invisible wall between creators and listeners—and opens up the conversation like never before. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce another platform within the Spotify family that helps podcasters connect directly and deeply with their fans. This brand-new space empowers creators to produce next-level interactive content and listeners to become speakers. 

But that’s merely knocking on the Greenroom door. Read on to understand what it’s all about, why you should be excited, and how to get started.

Open the conversation to listeners, and discuss

With Greenroom, you’re no longer recording in a vacuum, and your audience is no longer listening on their own; everyone is part of the same conversation. Creators and listeners are part of the same virtual room, creating content in real time, together. 

There are multiple ways for fans to take part—they can just listen to the chat, request to speak, or type their reactions in a chatroom that creates micro-moments within the live session. Listeners can be involved as much (or as little) as they want, but no matter how actively or passively they choose to participate, the simple fact that they can participate represents an exciting change for everyone involved.

An entirely new way to create—while retaining control

Just as Greenroom paves the way for listeners to join the conversation like never before, it unlocks a world of opportunity for creators, too. You’ll be able to create magical moments through the spontaneity of live audio and capture the conversation for your podcast. So not only are listeners joining the conversation, but they’re potentially podcasting with you: If you choose to record your live session, you’ll receive a recording immediately after, which you can easily upload via Anchor for everyone to enjoy on their own time.

Create unforgettable audio experiences for listeners, with listeners, around absolutely anything you want—either in the moment or after the fact: talk sports in real time; discuss new music or the latest in pop culture; react to an awards show after it airs; open up the mic for hot takes on breaking news; host an unscripted interview with a band; let your listeners ask you anything; or just hang out with them! Structure it however you want, because that’s the point: Greenroom is a new form of freeform. And you’re in the driver’s seat for the entirety of your live session—select who can speak during the session, control the flow of the conversation, enable or disable the real-time comments, and choose whether or not you’d like to record the session. 

How Greenroom works—and how to get started

Using Greenroom is simple, and for both listeners and creators, it’ll feel like a familiar Spotify experience.

Once you’ve downloaded Greenroom from the App Store or Play Store and connected it to your Spotify account or signed up for a new account, you’ll be able to personalize your experience: Select some topics you like and creators you want to follow. On your main Greenroom feed, you’ll see activity from the people you follow and the topics you’re interested in—as well as the ability to join upcoming rooms.

To host your own room, you’ll need to add some general information:

As a host in a live room, you can:

If you’ve selected “Get room recording,” a recording of your session will be emailed to you. From there, you can easily share it on your social channels or import it to Anchor to post as a podcast episode.

And as you get up and running on Greenroom, don’t forget to promote your room via social media and your podcast. Make sure your listeners also follow you on Greenroom; that way, they'll be notified once you go live. Alternatively, if your room reaches a certain size, users within the Greenroom group associated with the live session will be notified.

Finally, we want creators to be rewarded for the communities they build, the audiences they reach, and the experiences they create on Greenroom. That’s why we’re announcing the Greenroom Creator Fund to support creators as they grow. Learn more about it here

This is all just the beginning for Greenroom—we can’t wait to share more and add new features in the coming months. Ready to try it for yourself? Go live with Greenroom now!