November 7, 2019

We want to make podcasting approachable for everyone. That’s why we made it easy for you to record, edit, host, distribute, and monetize your podcast— all from the Anchor website or mobile apps—for free. But when it comes to attracting new listeners and getting people to actually hear your show, it can be tough to know where to start.

Say hello to Anchor Trailers—our latest feature to help you get the word out about your podcast. Trailers are a trademark of successful podcasts and a powerful way to share your show with new audiences—on podcast platforms, on social, and throughout the web. You’ve already been able to mark episodes as trailers using Anchor’s episode types, but now you can create a dedicated trailer for your show that’s ready for sharing in only a minute.

How it works

To create a Trailer from the Anchor app, head over to your profile page and tap the button that says ‘Make a trailer.’

Next it’s time to record a quick introduction to your podcast. This is your elevator pitch—a preview to entice potential listeners. Take up to 1 minute to tell your story; we’ll flash you a warning in the app when your time’s almost up. You can also import existing audio if you already have a trailer recording.

Once you’re happy with your recording, choose some smart background music to set the mood, and boom — your trailer is ready. It will be instantly available wherever people can find your podcast and marked with the “trailer” episode type in your RSS feed.

You’re all set to promote your show. As soon as your Trailer is live, we’ll automatically transform it into a beautiful, animated video that brings your words to life. It’s built for sharing on social or wherever your future listeners might live.

Haven’t started a podcast yet? Here’s how Trailers can help.

If you’re starting a new podcast, you probably want to make a big splash with your first episode. That’s where Anchor Trailers comes in. Recording a trailer is a great way to make your podcast available on listening platforms and start growing your audience, even before you publish a full-length episode.

Suppose you’re all set to start a podcast, but not all of the pieces are in place to release your first episode. Or maybe you’ve got plans for a big premiere, and you want to promote your show ahead of Episode One. Trailers are an easy entry to make your podcast discoverable on listening platforms so that you can start racking up subscribers right away, while saving your big debut for a later date.

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Check out our Trending Trailers playlist for inspiration as you create your own Trailer. And if you’re looking for additional tips about promoting your podcast, our help page is full of advice and assistance.

It only takes a minute to start growing your podcast audience! Record a trailer in the Anchor app and get your show discovered. Your future listeners will be glad to find you.

Can’t wait to hear what you create. Happy trails!

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