June 19, 2018

Today we’re incredibly excited to unveil the world’s first-ever end-to-end podcasting solution for iPad, complete with a full set of intuitive tools that are perfect for both experienced podcasters and beginners, alike. Not only does this new update let you record on the go, but you can also edit your audio, host all of your files, and distribute your podcast to all major platforms with a single tap (it’s the easiest way to get your podcast on Apple Podcasts). Like Anchor’s mobile apps for iOS and Android, Anchor for iPad is completely free and available right now on the App Store.

Enter Anchor for iPad

With today’s release, we’ve rebuilt our app from the ground up to take advantage of the iPad’s bigger, multi-touch Retina display, and focused on adding in tools that make it possible to create any kind of podcast without the need for other extra equipment or devices.

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Touch-enabled editing tools

Anchor for iPad includes the first ever editing tools designed specifically for podcasting. Easily trim the start and finish of your recording without having to go into a heavy editing workflow. This is really convenient in cases where you have some planning or a false start at the beginning of your recording, or a sign-off at the end that you don’t want to include in your podcast (both of which happen almost all the time, especially if you’ve got a cohost or a guest on your show).

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You can also split a recording into multiple segments, and use those segments together in one episode or spread across multiple episodes. This makes it really easy to insert transitions, voice messages from your listeners, your jingle, or any other kind of audio right into your existing recording. You can even delete an unnecessary part of your recording by splitting it first. And because of our handy visual episode builder, you can rearrange and organize your segments painlessly — no more forgetting which piece of the waveform was which.

Import audio from any app

If you’re like most podcasters, you’re probably pulling in lots of different kinds of audio for your episodes. You might have a new theme song you just made in GarageBand, a couple of wacky sound effects, an outro song you’ve got stored in Dropbox, and a voice memo hanging around that you want to use for comedic effect. Now, you can import any of those right into your podcast, without having to waste time wondering why in 2018 you still have to email audio files back and forth to yourself across your many devices.

Even better? You can easily drag and drop audio files from one app to another on your iPad. If you want to use a piece of audio now, drop it into the episode builder. If you want to save it for later, just drop it into your Anchor Library. This works with all apps that support audio files and split view. You can even send audio to Anchor from the share sheet inside any audio app.

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Anchor for iPad supports Multitasking, so you can use other apps (like Notes!) while you record.

Fully compatible with Multitasking

Speaking of split view, Anchor supports it for all iPad sizes and orientations. Our favorite use cases are using the Notes app to write out a script or bullets for your episode, which you can keep open and refer to while recording, or dropping assets from the Files app right into Anchor. There are a ton of creative things you can do here, depending on your preferred workflow.

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BYOM (Bring your own lightning microphone, if you want)

Got a favorite lightning mic you love to use for recording your podcast? Plug it directly in to your iPad’s lightning port and start capturing audio (if your microphone doesn’t support Lightning, you can connect it with one of Apple’s Lightning to USB adapters). Don’t have an external mic? No problem. You can also use your iPad’s internal mic, which happens to sound pretty, pretty great.

More and more people are moving from their computers to their iPads for their creative work, and we’re thrilled to be able to finally provide a way to podcast on iPad, too. We think you’ll love the tactile feel when you’re rearranging segments in your episode builder, pinching to zoom in on a waveform, or dragging an audio file in from one of your other favorite apps — it’s really a magical new way to experience podcasting. We can’t wait for you to give it a try.

Like Anchor’s mobile apps for
iOS and Android, Anchor for iPad is completely free and available right now on the App Store. And if you want to share your podcast with us, or have any questions, you can always find us on Anchor, on Twitter, and via email. Happy podcasting!