February 2021

Introducing a new way to grow your audience with WordPress.com

Build a website for your podcast, and engage with listeners in a whole new way.
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January 2021

Introducing the brand-new Anchor: a better-looking way to say it all

To celebrate the evolution of our brand and the expansion of the Anchor creator community, we’ve made some visual updates and upgrades we think you’ll love. Here’s a closer look at what’s new!
November 2020

Anchor is now IAB Podcast Measurement 2.0 certified

Anchor is backed by the industry standard in podcast analytics, so you can measure your show's performance and monetize your content with confidence.
October 2020

Introducing a brand new way to create in Anchor, with all the music you love.

Now, create audio shows in Anchor using full-length songs from Spotify's entire music catalog. Combine songs with your own talk segments and share episodes directly to Spotify.
October 2020

Ways to help your audience stay informed this election

US Election 2020 Soundcheck Toolkit
September 2020

Make a difference with your podcast this election season

Anchor is rolling out the opportunity for creators in the U.S. to help increase voter registration by recording ads with Anchor Sponsorships.
September 2020

Welcome to Word of Mouth

Introducing Anchor’s official blog, a hub of helpful tips and stories to inspire anyone making a podcast.
August 2020

Introducing Anchor’s waveform editor, now on web

New editing tools and waveform visuals make it easy to split, cut, and insert audio at exactly the right moments, so you can polish up your show with quick precision.
May 2020

Why podcasting is free with Anchor

While most podcasting platforms charge money to host and distribute your show, Anchor is 100% free for everyone. Here’s why.
April 2020

Turn your virtual hangouts into a podcast with Anchor’s new video-to-audio conversion

Next time you have a great conversation over Zoom, Google Meet, IG Live, or your favorite video chat tool, you can share it as a podcast for everyone to hear.
April 2020

Introducing Anchor’s new audience insights, powered by Spotify

We’re expanding Anchor’s podcast analytics to include true episode drop-off and aggregated listener demographics metrics.
March 2020

Remote podcasting just got easier: Introducing Record With Friends 2.0 from Anchor

Anchor is making it easier to record your conversations with anyone, wherever they are in the world, from any device.
February 2020

Your Anchor profile has a brand new look

Including a redesigned appearance, a customizable color scheme, and the ability to link to your social accounts.

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