July 16, 2019

As simple as it is to take a photo or record a video right from your phone, now it’s just as easy to make a podcast. This means that some of the people in your life might have a podcast, perhaps on Anchor! While we’ve removed many barriers to starting a podcast, it’s still a medium that requires time, consistency, and creative energy. In other words, podcasting is an ongoing process and the people who are venturing out into this new territory could always use support from their friends and family. Here are some of the best tips to be all ears for the podcaster in your life.

1. Listen and give feedback

As the podcaster in your life releases new episodes, listen with a close ear and offer to give thoughtful feedback about what you liked, what you didn’t like, what made you laugh, or whatever else you think will be helpful in shaping the future of your friend’s show.

2. Share on social media

Help your friend’s podcast reach more people by posting about their show on your own social media accounts and also by sharing, liking, and commenting on the content they put out on their own handles, which helps boost their posts in social media algorithms. The public endorsement and validation from you will not only motivate your friend to keep podcasting, but it will also grow their audience.

3. Support financially

There’s no secret that podcasting takes a lot of time and dedication, and that’s why we’ve added monetization features such as Podcast Subscriptions, Listener Support and Sponsorships so that creators can get paid for their hard work. You can subscribe to your friend's bonus content, or pledge to contribute $0.99, $4.99, or $9.99 a month to your friend’s podcast which can go a long way—it can help them buy a meal in between recording sessions, pay for ads or marketing material if they choose, or even travel somewhere to interview their favorite person.

4. Lend your voice to the show

The possibilities of interacting with podcasters are expanding with tools like Voice Messages, and it’s easier than ever to get involved in your friend’s show. Send audio messages with a glowing review, an intriguing question, or even a funny story and your friend might include it in their podcast. You can also offer to be a guest, whether it’s for the real thing or just a practice recording. They’ll thank you for the valuable content and all you have to do is show up.

5. Recommend to friends

You have the power to be your friend’s biggest promoter — word of mouth is an age-old and super effective tool for growing an audience. If you enjoy your friend’s podcast, or maybe it makes you laugh out loud on your commute, share it with a wider group of friends, your coworkers, family, and beyond. Most importantly, speak from the heart about why you love to listen and people will value your authentic and personalized recommendation.

6. Help them make connections

Let’s say your friend hosts an interview-style podcast about fashion where they bring new guests onto the show each week. You happen to know the design director of a sneaker company and think they could be a good fit for the show. Offer to introduce your friend! Many podcasters are always looking for new voices to bring more light to their topic of interest, and your connections could be a huge contributor to your friend’s podcasting success.

7. Respect recording time

With great microphones easily accessible from a smartphone, the world is now any podcasters’ studio. Audio is best listened to when it’s clear — without any loud noises from cars zooming by, the buzzing of an old refrigerator, or chatter in the background. If you ever find yourself in proximity to your friend while they’re recording, be quiet — and tell others in the area to respect the air too while your friend captures amazing audio for their next episode.

8. Ask them how it’s going

They’ll be overjoyed to share their progress or bounce ideas off you. At the end of the day, being a good friend to the podcaster in your life is all about lending an ear.

So get out there and starting making a podcaster’s day.

If you already have a podcast (and want your friends to know how they can help), share this post with them and start getting your circle invested in your podcast’s success! If you want to start a podcast, try making something awesome with Anchor and share your stories, ideas, or observations with the world.