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With over 60 million songs at your fingertips, there’s no limit to what you can create.

Choose tracks from the entire Spotify catalog and combine them with your own talk segments in Anchor to make a new kind of audio show.

How it works

To make a show with music, sign up for Anchor.


When creating an episode in Anchor, select the Music tool to search for any artist or track on Spotify.


Drag and drop songs to build your episode and mix in conversation by recording or uploading your own audio files.


When your episode is ready, hit Publish. Then, once it’s approved, it will be on Spotify for anyone to hear.


Engage with your audience in a whole new way. Listeners can easily favorite or add songs they love to their playlist directly on Spotify with a reimagined listening experience built for shows with music.

Explore the possibilities


Halleloo Happy Hour

Grab a drink and join Shangela for her weekly happy hour playlist! Featuring games, guests, and tea. Halleloo!

Create your own radio show

60 Songs That Explain the 90’s

The 1990s were a turning point in music. Listen along as The Ringer’s preeminent music critic Rob Harvilla curates and explores 60 iconic songs from the ‘90s that define the decade.

Create your own music history show

Conspiracy Theories: Music Edition

A deeper look at some of the most fascinating theories surrounding famous artists and the music industry as it affects the world. This not only covers strange individual topics like Tupac and Elvis, but also peculiar topics that are dispersed throughout the industry.

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Our Love Song

Every week a couple shares their love story and discusses the song that defines their relationship. As a culture we are fascinated by love and romance. It is why the majority of songs are about love and heartbreak. This show will not only explore entertaining love stories, but also the classic songs that define these relationships.

Tell your own stories with music

Rock This With Alison Hagendorf

Rock This with Allison Hagendorf is a weekly show celebrating all things Rock & Alternative culture, featuring one of a kind interviews and highlighting music from your favorite and emerging artists.

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10 Songs That Made Me

An artist or celebrity creates a storytelling playlist of 10 songs that mark meaningful moments in their lives, providing personal insights into each choice.

Share your own life’s soundtrack

Murder Ballads

Explore the history and folklore behind some of America's most mysterious and violent songs.

Create your own music show

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Just add music

The ability to create with Spotify songs unlocks all sorts of new episode formats. Here are some more types of shows that are possible when you mix music and conversation.

Lyric analysis +
Rap =

Word on the Street

A radio show hosted by you

Italian recipe +
Bossa Nova =

La Cucina Radio

A cooking show that uses songs to keep time and entertain in between steps

Jazz + 
Architectural discussion =

Cityscape Radio

Songs and stories about a particular place or environment

Today's news +
Classical music =

That's Classic

An informational show
with music to set the mood

Calming sounds +
Calming words =

Brain Spa

A guided meditation to de-stress and relax

R&B +
Dating stories =


Real talk and jams about romance

Retro tunes +
Memories =


Music and personal stories
to look back on your life

Reggae +
Historical facts =

A Brief History of Dub

A deep dive into a particular genre, artist, or song

Feeling inspired?

Creating a show with music is easy.

Sign up for Anchor or download the free app (iOS, Android), create a new episode, and click the Music tool to add any song from Spotify to your show.

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