January 3, 2019

Before the clock struck midnight and 2018 faded away, we asked you on Twitter to set some intentions, resolution, goals — whatever you wanna call ‘em — for your podcast in 2019. What you wrote was awe-inspiring and motivating for the whole Anchor community, so we wanted to respond with some tips and tricks to help you achieve your resolutions.

Congrats on taking the leap! Our production team created this handy guide about starting a podcast. And you’re so right — consistency is important when establishing loyal listeners. We find that it is beneficial to set a regular day and time when listeners can expect to hear your show, and be sure to mention when that is on your podcast. We also believe that consistency is important in terms of the tone, format, and topics discussed. In the early stages of your podcast, you may feel like you working to find your voice, and that’s okay. But once you find it and get a positive audience response, stick with it!

There are a few key things you can do to help your podcast stand out. One way is to redesign your podcast cover art with our Cover Art Creator. Although podcasts are an audio medium, the first point of contact that a potential listener has with your show is often through your cover art. Be sure your cover art represents the personality and tone of your show with colors, fonts, and images; it should also provide an enticing visual cue about what listeners can expect from your show.

One of the great things about podcasting is that there are so many possibilities. But it can also be overwhelming! We suggest that you take some time to think about the topics that you typically love to discuss with your friends and family. Ask yourself: What am I most passionate about? What am I most curious about? Think about a topic that you could talk freely about for hours with no notes. Then just hit record and you’ll be ready to launch in no time!

We love good vibes! Authenticity is such an important goal to keep in mind, one that definitely helps sustain and grow your listenership. If you choose to activate Anchor Sponsorships, being genuinely yourself also goes a long way when recording great ads or asking your listeners to contribute their dollars to your podcast with Listener Support.

These goals are often top of mind for many dedicated podcasters. One proven way to expand your audience is by cross-promoting your show with other shows of a similar genre. This is a collaborative (and free) way to get your show heard by listeners on other shows (because who isn’t looking for more podcasts to listen to!). You can find like-minded podcasters by requesting to join our Facebook Community. Another great way to collaborate with podcasters is through our Voice Messages feature. You can leave a message for your fellow podcasters, and they can leave one for you that you can incorporate into your show if you choose.

Guests are a great way to keep your audience engaged and grow your listener base. One great thing about having guests on your show is that you can leverage their networks on social media to promote your podcast. We suggest giving your guest a few assets related to your podcast (photos, videos, GIFs, audiograms, etc.) with suggested copy about what you want your guest to say about your show, so it’s easy for them to post. Anchor also makes it seamless to record with guests near and far with our Record With Friends feature.

That’s the spirit! Did you know that listeners can actually hear when you smile? See for yourself. 😄

2018 was a monumental year
and we’re confident that 2019 will be even more fantastic for podcast creators everywhere. Check out our handy How to Start a Podcast guide for tips and tricks on how to make something awesome with Anchor. And as always, we’d love to hear your feedback, via email or on Twitter.