May 21, 2020

Instagram Lives make for engaging content, but what happens when the broadcast is over? With Anchor, you can give your live videos a second life by turning them into a podcast.

Podcasts are a chance to grow your brand and expand your audience to include the 100+ million people who listen to podcasts regularly. Podcast episodes are playable anytime and anywhere, allowing listeners to experience your Instagram Lives long after the stream has ended.

To repurpose your Instagram Live into podcast-ready audio, all you have to do is save the video and upload it to Anchor.

Here’s how it works:

After you’ve ended a live video on Instagram, tap the download icon in the top-left corner to save the video to your phone’s camera roll.

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Note that saving may take a minute, especially for longer videos.

If you’re co-hosting with others, you won’t have the option to save the video directly through Instagram, so be sure to keep that in mind when planning your content.

Once you’ve saved the video, transfer it to your computer using Airdrop, email, or another file transfer option.

Then, log into Anchor or sign up, and upload the video file (.mov or .mp4) on web.

That’s it!

Your converted audio file will appear as a segment in Anchor’s episode builder. Publish it right away to all the places people listen to podcasts, or you can spruce it up by adding edits, background music, or voice-overs using Anchor’s recording tools.

If you don’t already have a podcast, Anchor’s got you covered — from editing your audio, to picking the right cover art, to getting heard everywhere in a single click — all for free. Setting up your podcast only takes a few minutes, and you can easily earn money from your episodes using Anchor’s built-in monetization tools, creating an extra source of income and helping you stretch your Instagram Live content even further.

The perfect material for a podcast is already at your fingertips. Make the most of your existing content and expand your reach by turning your next Instagram Live into a podcast episode.

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