July 11, 2022

Jake Lucky explains the rise of gaming podcasts and how to make a great one

Learn all about gaming podcasts from esports media personality Jake Lucky
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June 21, 2022

Check out these video podcast examples and ideas to inspire your show

Take a look at popular video podcasts from Spotify’s studios to find inspiration for your show.
June 21, 2022

Anchor podcast tools: The complete guide for creators

Discover key features to create, distribute, and grow your podcast with Anchor and Spotify—for free.
May 24, 2022

Need podcast branding advice? These Spotify marketing pros can help

Explore these tips to build a strong identity for your podcast.
May 24, 2022

Podcast editing: A fundamental guide for creators

Two Spotify producers reveal how creators can combine technical and creative skills to gain podcast editing expertise.
May 5, 2022

How to record a video podcast featuring Steven Bartlett

A pro video podcaster drops his knowledge on how to record a video podcast for maximum impact.
April 25, 2022

A podcast schedule is the key to a consistent show. Here’s how to use one.

Learn how to manage your workflow and stay organized with a podcast schedule.
April 21, 2022

Why and how to start a Video Podcast on Spotify

Expand your creative capabilities with Video Podcasts on Spotify.
April 21, 2022

How to edit your video podcast like a pro

Learn the essentials of video podcast editing from a professional Spotify producer.
March 31, 2022

How creators come up with great podcast interview questions

A guide to asking podcast interview questions that will get the best answers from your guests.
March 22, 2022

Podcast name ideas: Make your show stand out—without the word "podcast"

How to come up with the best possible name for your podcast
March 18, 2022

How to write podcast scripts: Tips and templates to structure your episodes

Podcast scripts keep your episodes organized and engaging—here are some templates and tips to write them like a pro.
March 11, 2022

A guide to managing your podcast workflow

Podcasting is a labor of love but that doesn't mean it always needs to be a ton of work. Here are some ways to find your flow.
February 22, 2022

Need a podcast topic? These top creators have some advice for you

So you want to start a podcast—awesome! But first, you need a topic. These creators will help you spark some ideas.
February 11, 2022

How to write podcast episode descriptions, according to Spotify writers

Professional writers at Spotify share tips for crafting episode descriptions that entice potential listeners & maximize your show.
December 20, 2021

The not-so-secret platform that digital creators love: podcasting

Three prominent digital creators share why they made podcasting a priority and how it’s different than any other platform.
September 23, 2021

How podcasters can overcome their creative block

Creative block is an inevitable part of the podcasting process, but these tools are the key to finding your inspiration.
September 16, 2021

Behind the scenes of “Music + Talk: Unlocked”

Get an inside look into the making of the Spotify miniseries, “Music + Talk: Unlocked”
August 30, 2021

7 podcast formats to consider for your show

Learn about different podcast formats, and choose one that fits your strengths and your audience.
July 8, 2021

How to start a podcast in less than an hour

Starting a podcast can sometimes feel a little intimidating. But what if you could get going in less than an hour?
May 4, 2021

The art of the short podcast

Short podcasts are getting more popular. Find out formats to consider and tips to produce your own short podcast.
December 4, 2020

Six Music + Talk shows to inspire your creative process

Here are some new shows making great use of the recently released Music + Talk feature.
November 3, 2020

Improve your storytelling with Music + Talk from Spotify

Here's an insider’s guide to mixing up your audio format, with help from our latest feature.
September 14, 2020

How to choose a great podcast name

“What should I call my podcast?” Here are some tips and best practices for picking the perfect show title.
May 28, 2020

5 recording set-ups for your podcast

Find the right microphone and audio equipment to fit your show’s specific needs.
May 21, 2020

How to turn your Instagram Live into a podcast

Repurposing your live videos as an audio podcast takes only a few minutes with Anchor.
April 10, 2020

How to record a great podcast interview remotely

Even when you and your guests are at a distance, it doesn’t have to feel that way.
February 19, 2020

Why your podcast needs a trailer

A show-level trailer is crucial for growing your audience & promoting your podcast, whether you’re on episode one or one million.
December 31, 2019

New year, new podcast gear

Upgrade your podcasting setup with the latest accessories to improve your sound, grow your audience, and more.
November 8, 2019

How to make a great podcast trailer

With Anchor Trailers, it’s easier than ever to create a great podcast trailer. Here's how.
October 10, 2019

Why your voice is a podcast voice

Thinking about starting a podcast or already have one? We wanted to provide a simple affirmation: Every voice is a podcast voice.
August 2, 2019

The Dos and Don’ts of Podcast Cover Art

A comprehensive guide to designing the best cover art for your podcast.
January 3, 2019

How to achieve your New Year’s podcast goals

We asked our podcasters what their podcast goals were for 2019. Here are some tips & tricks to help you achieve your resolutions.
December 11, 2018

The Podcaster’s Gift Guide

Everything you need to take your podcast production to the next level — for your podcasting-obsessed friends and family.
October 17, 2018

What is a podcast, anyway?

Podcasting is a surprisingly old and part of the internet. It's so simple, that it's a little bit confusing.
September 28, 2018

Which microphone is right for you?

We're breaking down how to choose the best microphone for your podcast, while staying within your budget and overall plan.
September 21, 2018

A handy guide to starting your podcast

We're diggin into how you can arrive at a great idea, and how you can plan your new podcast.
March 26, 2018

Anchor Presents: ‘I Should Start A Podcast’

A friendly guide to getting your voice heard.
August 30, 2017

Rethinking audio editing on mobile

How the Anchor product team approaches traditionally complex audio functionality and makes it fun and easy to use.