December 2020

Six shows with music to inspire your creative process

Here are a few new shows using music and talk to give you some inspiration for your own show.
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September 2020

How to choose a great podcast name

“What should I call my podcast?” Here are some tips and best practices for picking the perfect show title.
May 2020

5 recording set-ups for your podcast

Find the right microphone and audio equipment to fit your show’s specific needs.
May 2020

How to turn your Instagram Live into a podcast

Repurposing your live videos as an audio podcast takes only a few minutes with Anchor.
April 2020

How to record a great podcast interview remotely

Even when you and your guests are at a distance, it doesn’t have to feel that way.
February 2020

Why your podcast needs a trailer

A show-level trailer is crucial for growing your audience & promoting your podcast, whether you’re on episode one or one million.
December 2019

New year, new podcast gear

Upgrade your podcasting setup with the latest accessories to improve your sound, grow your audience, and more.
November 2019

How to make a great podcast trailer

With Anchor Trailers, it’s easier than ever to create a great podcast trailer. Here's how.
October 2019

Why your voice is a podcast voice

Thinking about starting a podcast or already have one? We wanted to provide a simple affirmation: Every voice is a podcast voice.
September 2019

How to find a podcast topic that speaks to you

So, you want to make a podcast! Excellent. But first, you need to pick a topic. Here are some questions to help you get started.

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